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MicroCacti Kit

MicroCacti Kit


MicroCacti is a premium cactus-based microdose experience. In this small but powerful kit are 8 individually capsulized doses of our high quality MicroCacti blend. Each dose contains 1g of Cacti.


MicroCacti is a powerful tool in your arsenal for feeling energized, repatterning old habits, dealing with depression, and much more.

  • MicroCacti Protocol

    To get the most out of your MicroCacti Kit, follow the protocol below:

    -Consume one (1) capsule first thing in the morning before breakfast once every 72 (or more) hours.

    -Set an intention for each kit. That could be "I want to become more connected with my emotions," or "I want to be more creative," or anything else you would like to work on.

    -When you consume each dose, take a moment to think of your intention you set.

    -Journaling is a powerful adjunct to a MicroCacti protocol. Try simply writing down how your day was each day.

    -MicroCacti is meant to be semi-perceptual. That is to say, each dose should be felt, but it WILL be subtle. Many people report thinking things like, "wow that was a really nice day" or "man the color of those trees looks a little extra vivid". If you are having any visiual distortions, please consider opening the capsule and halving the dose in the future.

    Please discontinue use immediately if:

    -You have a family history of schizophrenia.

    -You feel suddenly more depressed and unable to shake it. (MicroCacti can intensify emotions, and if we aren't ready to work through those emotions yet it can do more harm than good to intensify them.)

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