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Lessons From the Abyss

Below I recount an especially deep medicine ceremony from a few days ago. It should be noted that this story is not intended to be advisory in any way, shape, or form, and should not be considered encouragement to participate in any activities that may be illegal where you reside.

I went into this ceremony with one intention, to understand what my task is here in the world at this moment. Meditated 7 days in a row leading up to the ceremony. Asked the internal question “what should my dose be?” and received back a resounding- “7.5 grams”. Immediate reaction of fear in my body upon hearing this number- it’s my biggest dose by about 2 grams.

Fast forward to the day of the ceremony, I’m up early, 6:00AM, and begin preparation for the large dose. Feeling a moderate amount of nerves/anxiety I take a ritual bath, allow myself to relax, as I drain the bath I visualize all of the negativity flowing down the drain with the water, and myself emerging from the bath fresh, ready for ceremony.

I clean up my room, set up my altar with all my ritual effects, weigh out the mushrooms, smoothie them up with ginger, berries, lime juice, and tea.

Sit down in front of my altar. Visualize my intention to discover my task, imagine that intention falling out from my third eye into the smoothie, drink the smoothie to bring both the mushrooms and my int