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The [Ethical] Dating Manifesto, Part 1

Intro, Objectives, & Ethics


As a strapping young lad there was no topic I found more vexing than women and dating. Every single emotionally painful moment I had from age 13 onward shared a common thread-- I felt like I just didn’t understand women AT ALL. In those sweet fleeting moments where I stumbled my way into having a girlfriend, I would act hopelessly needy, ultimately dooming the relationships to a premature ejection. (and yes, we will indeed talk about sex in this series, too.)

In brief moments of lucidity between the soul-crushing spells of unrequited yearning, I would find myself thinking “how come no one taught me ANYTHING about how to date?”

Ultimately, that question encapsulates my goal with this series. Men of all ages find themselves in a nearly ubiquitous drought of healthy dating advice. I emphasize healthy, because men have

plenty of outright BAD or UNHEALTHY advice available. Whether it’s a “red pill” movement that